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Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services supports more than 7,600 people with DD in our community each year. All of our services are person-centered, meaning we treat each person we serve as a unique individual and connect them to services tailored to reflect the life they want. By collaborating with more than 1,000 certified service providers, we’re able to support people to live a life that’s important and meaningful to them, on their own terms.


The Introduction and Eligibility team should be your first stop, no matter your age. Even if you or your loved one don't currently need services, completing the eligibility process now can be helpful if you need support in the future. Learn more about eligibility here.

At Any Age


School-Age Services


  • Your SSA can help you explore person-centered supports based on your unique needs and funding source, including service coordination, day programs, transportation, housing, and more. Learn more about SSAs here.
  • We help people with developmental disabilities discover opportunities and navigate the path to employment by working with businesses and other agencies. Learn more about employment supports here.
  • We work to empower people with disabilities to fully engage with their neighborhoods and communities as engaged citizens. Learn more about community integration support here.
  • Hamilton County has an active advocacy community focused on inclusion, accessibility, voting rights, housing, transportation, and more. Advocates with developmental disabilities lead many of these efforts. Learn more about advocacy here.


We work to empower and equip families by bridging the gap between disability-based services and natural supports in a person's community. Click here to explore our resources section where you can learn about other programs and discover useful information.

For Providers

Hamilton County DD Services works with more than 1,000 local service providers, and supporting those providers is an essential part of our role. If you're a provider or interested in becoming one, you can click here to learn more by visiting our provider resources page.