Apr 15, 2021

Technology Grant

Thanks to a federally funded COVID-19 relief grant, Bobbie B. Fairfax and Margaret B. Rost schools are in the process of updating smartboard hardware and other technology for the classrooms.

The current smartboards were donated to the schools 10 years ago. “While the hand-me-down boards served their purpose well, they were becoming increasingly difficult to work with due to their age and other limitations,” said Duerk Zinn, director of school programs for HCDDS and principal at Rost.

“The new technology allows the students to have so many more opportunities to interact with staff from home.”

In addition to updated smartboards, new technology will allow students at home to interact with their teachers and classmates via switch activation, communication devices, and eye gaze boards.  “This updated technology will be a game-changer for productive virtual learning,” Zinn said.
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