Mar 19, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Update

A woman in a gray shirt and a woman in a maroon shirt are at a desk and discuss vaccine appointments. They both have masks covering their mouth and nose, have highlighters in their hands and there are papers on the desk in front of them.
March marks a full year since COVID-19 upended nearly every aspect of our lives, and the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines is finally providing a reason for optimism and a bright point in the future.

As you know, HCDDS has collaborated with Hamilton County Public Health to inoculate people we serve, DSPs, and caregivers who qualify in the early stages of Ohio’s phased vaccine distribution plan. So far, we’ve administered first doses to more than 1,800 people and fully vaccinated more than 1,500 people. In addition, we worked closely with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, whose team vaccinated nearly 400 Hamilton County residents.

Thanks to the initial success of this clinic, we will continue to receive a small allotment of vaccine doses to administer to people we support and caregivers who qualify under one of Ohio’s early vaccine eligibility phases.

Gov. Mike DeWine has expanded vaccine eligibility to all Ohioans age 40 and older beginning March 19, and to all Ohioans age 16 and older beginning March 29. You can find details for each eligibility phase on the Ohio Department of Health website.

As vaccine eligibility in Ohio expands, we continue to partner with Hamilton County Public Health to administer a limited number of vaccines each week. For many of the people we serve and their caregivers, our clinic provides an easy, familiar location with help from behavior support specialists. If you receive services from HCDDS and are currently eligible to receive the vaccine in Ohio, contact your SSA to find out more about vaccinations at our clinic.

If you have an intellectual or developmental disability and are currently eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Ohio, you are not required to receive your vaccine from HCDDS. If you would like to schedule your appointment through another authorized vaccine provider, you can find more information at or

Although the supply of vaccines is increasing and eligibility is expanding, there continues to be more people eligible to receive the vaccine than the number of available doses. It will still take time for everyone who is eligible to schedule and receive their vaccinations. In the meantime, we all need to continue to do our part to reduce the risk of COVID-19 to others by wearing our masks, maintaining social distance, and practicing good hygiene.

Finally, it’s important to recognize the incredible work of our staff who have successfully planned, organized, and operated the Kingsley vaccine clinic. This has taken significant effort and coordination across the agency, and at times it has felt all-encompassing. Throughout the process, we have had many employees spend countless hours at the clinics, work nights and weekends, adapt to changes at a moment’s notice, and brave freezing cold temperatures for hours at a time.

The result of all this work has been a smooth process for families receiving the vaccine. The feedback from people we support, their families and our partner agencies has been overwhelmingly positive. People are extremely grateful for the work we are doing to ensure access, and we’re proud of the skill and dedication of our team.
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