Dec 18, 2020

Nursing Consultation

A graphic with a blue background, and white letters that read On-call nursing consultation. There is a drawn image of a nurse on the right side.
To support providers, HCDDS has contracted with BrightStar Care to provide 24-hour on-call clinical consult nursing for individuals who test/are presumed positive for COVID-19.

This clinical consult is not meant to replace working with a physician or contacting 911 in an emergency.

This service is available to support DSPs and providers as they have questions about a person’s conditions and how to support them through the array of symptoms. The consultation may include discussion and support around an individual’s risks, needs, concerns, and functioning.

Contact your program manager or administrator on-call who will reach out to BrightStar. If you cannot reach your program manager or administrator, the 24-hour on-call number for BrightStar is (513) 533-7040.
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