Oct 23, 2020

Superintendent Transition

As you know, our next superintendent, Leia Snyder will begin with us next month. Leia and I will work closely together during a time of training and transition until my retirement at the end of the year. The role of HCDDS superintendent will require Leia to forge relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders and be familiar with all aspects of the agency’s operations. This training period will equip her to be successful in her role and continue to pursue our mission in Hamilton County.
During this transition, I’ll be introducing Leia to all of our internal teams, as well as many of our stakeholders. To make sure we continue to keep people safe and reduce risk during the COVID-19 pandemic, these introductions will take place virtually. Leia will meet our staff in a series of Zoom meetings her first week. In early December, she’ll meet virtually with advocates, providers, and families. You can find more details about these meetings and a link to RSVP here.
I continue to take pride in the incredible creativity of our staff throughout the pandemic. We’ve been required to take extraordinary measures to keep our employees, providers, and people we serve safe. Despite all the restrictions and precautions, I continually see inspiring stories of how we’re adjusting our work to make sure people get the support they need. I’m thankful for all that you’re doing!

Alice C. Pavey
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