Aug 6, 2020

School re-opening

A man stands behind a desk with a mask covering his mouth and nose. He is using hand sanitizer, and works at a school
After much consideration, we have made the difficult decision to delay the beginning of in-person learning for students at Bobbie B. Fairfax and Margaret B. Rost Schools this fall until Aug. 31.

Remote/virtual learning for all students will begin on Aug. 20.

“We do not take this decision lightly, and we know that many of you and your students are eager to resume in-person learning. This delay will allow us to create a safer learning environment for all of our students and staff,” said Duerk Zinn, director of HCDDS School Programs.

“We believe this additional time will allow us to have a better picture of the overall effects of the governor’s recent orders, as well as the beginning of in-person classes at other schools. This delay will also allow necessary time for staff to fully prepare and implement the new safety protocols and new learning methods.”

When students return for full, in-person learning on Aug. 31, our schools will have rigorous safety and cleaning protocols including mask requirements for staff and nightly building sanitizing. The schools will be able to maintain adequate social distance in most scenarios, as each school will have fewer than 30 students and individual classrooms will be limited to six students.

Learn more about our safety protocols here, and contact Duerk Zinn with questions about Fairfax and Rost schools.

If your child does not attend HCDDS schools, please check with your local district for re-opening information.
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