Jul 1, 2020

Recommitting to the ADA

Cincinnati City Councilman David Mann holds a bound folder and reads a proclamation from the city.
A photo of the proclamation from the city of Cincinnati about the Americans with Disabilities Act. It has a gold seal and the signature of the mayor in blue.

Today, July 1, we kicked off festivities with a proclamation from the City of Cincinnati recommitting to the principles of equality and inclusion for people with disabilities in our community.

Councilman David Mann read the proclamation, which says: “We must do our part to ensure our nation’s promise is within reach of all Cincinnati’s constituents and communities to bring forth the promise of hope and freedom that is envisioned by the passage of the ADA, so that every person receives equal access, equal opportunity and the equal respect they deserve.” 

Listen to the proclamation reading in the video above (closed captioning available). 

We thank the city of Cincinnati for reaffirming their commitment to supporting inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities in our community!
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