Jun 20, 2020

Becoming an advocate

SSA Camilla Gilbert recently shared her experience in Hearing Life magazine. In the article, she talks about being born with microtia and atresia, as well as her evolution from being embarrassed by her hearing aids to connecting with the hearing loss community, and advocating for herself and others.

"I recall feeling excited, overwhelmed, and emotional in the company of others who understood the obstacles and challenges that I faced. Parents of children with microtia and atresia and adults with the same condition wanted to hear my perspective, experiences, and advice. This experience led me to a new passion: educating others about hearing loss and microtia and atresia, as well as motivating them with emotional support," she said. 

"As I stepped into an advocate's role, I felt empowered to offer encouragement to others who have my condition or any form of hearing loss." 

Read her story here.
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