Apr 26, 2020

New way to support members

With physical gatherings still limited and their buildings closed, Active Day is finding new ways to stay connected to its members.

“We are reaching out to every individual and checking on them – Are they okay? Do they need anything?” said Melissa Morelli, regional director for Active Day. “It’s the right thing to do, and the response has been fantastic.”

At Active Day Beckman, they mailed out customized coloring pages of the logo and center. “Our members were encouraged to show off their works of art, which were also featured on Active Day Beckman’s Facebook page,” said Director Tom Ciulla. “Plus, who doesn’t love receiving something in the mail!”

Active Day Franks staff member Renee’ Corbin has been working with one member and her roommates, who could also use some company. She’s been using activities to demonstrate the importance of hand washing and staying safe during the pandemic. “She has created a very light-hearted environment with these individuals and introduces a new activity and learning opportunity daily,” said Active Day Franks Director Lisa Manka. “Renee’ has helped these ladies make jewelry, stay active with floor games, and has created a very happy environment.”
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