Apr 20, 2020

Virtual classrooms

Teachers and staff at Bobbie B. Fairfax and Margaret B. Rost schools are finding creative ways to engage with their students for the rest of the school year, whether that’s video lessons or individualized learning and vocational packets.

“We’re working as a team to meet the needs of our students – from administrators dropping off supplies on doorsteps to teachers, therapists and support staff working together to make meaningful activities through new platforms,” said Fairfax teacher Taylor Snelling. “Being able to support students and their families during this time is our biggest priority.”

At Rost, teacher Mimi Sinclair is doing weekly video lessons with one student so he can learn how to use his new communication device, which he received right before the schools closed. “When talking with the family by phone, his grandmother said he got a big smile on his face when he heard my voice,” she said. “During the video chat, we spent about 15 minutes talking with our communication devices, and I helped Terrell practice saying how he was feeling. It was great seeing Terrell smile and wave while saying hi.”

Maddy Weinkam reaches out frequently to parents and has delivered IEP goal-related worksheets, visual schedules and other needed items to Rost students. She enjoys video chats with students, and one of them giggled and smiled the whole time. “At one point, he was looking around and it seemed like he wanted something, so I asked him to use his talker and tell me what he wanted,” she said. “He then typed out, ‘I want you,’ and did one of his affectionate motions and noises toward the camera.”
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