Apr 24, 2020

Moving connection online

Music is often a connecting thread – it starts conversations, forms friendships and provides a soundtrack to daily life. Melodic Connections knows this well, and when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down in-person gatherings, they sprang into action to keep the creativity flowing.

“Our first step in this crisis was to quickly re-establish the connections our community had lost,” said Betsey Zenk Nuseibeh, founder and executive director. “We started a daily Facebook live broadcast called Lunchtime Live. It provides a way for families to establish a daily routine and connect around familiar music.”

The broadcast, which airs daily at noon, has had an overwhelmingly positive response, with more than 12,000 views on the videos.

In addition to Lunchtime Live, they’ve created a daily music connection for adults who attended the day program, and instructors also connect with participants on Zoom. During one session, a student asked to listen to one of his favorite songs, “So Far Away” by Carole King, which was one of his go-to songs as a child when he needed comfort during difficult times.

“His face exploded into smiles as he sang along with friends. For a few moments, he wasn’t so far away, even though he was at home and we were connecting online,” Zenk Nuseibeh said. “He was sharing music he loves with friends who are still there for him. I am so proud of our team at Melodic Connections and their ability to meet the needs of people exactly where they are, in the moment, right now.”
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