Apr 23, 2020

Hospital Visitation

Some family members have expressed concern that COVID-19 restrictions would impact their ability to accompany their adult children or someone for whom they are a guardian during an emergency hospital visit. Local public health officials have told us restrictions vary by hospital. Most hospitals are allowing visitors if it would otherwise produce undue hardship for the patient or family or the restriction would be detrimental to the care of the patient. If you are planning to make a visit to a hospital, please contact the hospital directly or visit their website for more specific restrictions by location.

If you are a parent or guardian for someone with a disability, it’s important to prepare in advance for potential emergency medical visits. You should reach out to your primary care physician to discuss any steps or precautions you can take now. Keep a copy of the person’s health record, including allergies and past surgeries, as well as legal documentation showing guardianship for adults with DD in a location you can access quickly and easily.

Click here to access a health passport form you can use.

Medical professionals are overwhelmed responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, which means preparing for an emergency medical visit is more important than ever for families. We will continue to advocate with state and local public health officials so hospitals consider the needs of people with DD in their response to COVID-19.
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