May 29, 2020

Class of 2020

A young man with a disability is wearing his red cap and gown. His wheelchair is surrounded by family
While we couldn't hold our traditional graduation ceremony, we still want to celebrate the Class of 2020. Congratulations to these five outstanding young men from Bobbie B. Fairfax School! We wish you the best of luck on your journey!

See photos from the parade Fairfax staff held for the graduates on Facebook


  • Nick Deubell has attended Bobbie B. Fairfax School since 2006. He started attending Frederick A. Breyer School when he was five years old. Prior to Breyer he attended St. Joseph Home pre-school. Nick likes being around his family and familiar staff. He enjoys listening to music, especially brass and rock. He is also a huge Bengals and overall sports fan. Nick lights up a room when he smiles and can be mischievous when he wants to be. He has been on many community outings. He has been a master at greeting people during Snack Shack and passing out flyers from room to room. Upon graduation, Nick will remain at home with his family. 
  • Jacob Glauser is an inquisitive, friendly, playful young man. He enjoys joking around with others, swinging outside, going out into the community, and reading books. He does a great job using technology throughout the day. Jacob has volunteered at multiple places throughout the years but really enjoyed going to A Child’s Hope and supporting them. He will continue to explore adult services while spending some quality time with his family.
  • Wilbur McEwen is a laid-back, gossip loving, sensitive young man. He enjoys going out in the community, working on puzzles, taking walks, and relaxing with family and friends. He does an awesome job communicating his wants and needs to those around him. Wilbur has volunteered at St. George Food Pantry, A Child’s Hope, the Freestore Food Bank, and Bethel Baptist Church. He will be moving on to adult services at Active Day.
  • Troy Melnyk is a fun loving, sensitive, affectionate young man. He enjoys taking walks, swinging, listening to music and playing musical instruments. He is great at using various modes to communicate his wants and needs. Troy has volunteered at multiple sites throughout his years but his favorite was Kingsley Center where he would deliver snack sacks. He will be moving on to Active Day part-time while continuing his Troy Gives a Duck project, participating in P.U.P.P and exploring his other interests.
  • Matthew Ventura is an intelligent, funny, social young man. He enjoys volunteering in the community, playing on the iPad, and participating in drama-related activities like Hunter Heartbeat and school plays. He does a fantastic job at using the written word to communicate. Matthew volunteered at multiple places throughout the years such as: Hyde Park Senior Center, YMCA, Crossroads Church and many more as well as reading the daily announcements for the school building. He will be moving on to adult services at UCP/Stepping Stones
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