Behavior Support

Our behavior support team helps prevent incidents by focusing on both real and perceived safety. Using person-centered practices, behavior support seeks to understand the path a person has traveled in life, their resiliency skills, and their personal history. Developing this comprehensive picture of a person’s unique life drives the support strategies to keep that person safe.

Our Behavior Support team has a variety of expertise, from childhood trauma and abusive relationships to criminal justice involvement and applied behavior analysis. They also work closely with the Resilience Project, Project CARE and the RISE project, all of which include multiple agencies working as one group to support individuals.

HCDDS has a Human Rights Committee (HRC), which consults on all measures considered restrictive in nature. The HRC uses data-based analysis to determine the need for a restriction and evaluates strategies to eliminate the need for the restriction in the future.

Our Behavior Support team was instrumental in the creation of the Growing Resilience eBook, a resource for parents, teachers, therapists, and any staff interested in new and different ways to support people with trauma histories. Each page is packed with learning materials centered on growing resilience. You can find the eBook here