Cellphone Scam - Feb 7, 2014

Posted by: contentmanagementforhamil

Please be aware that there’s a cell phone scam that’s been going on recently called the “one ring scam.”  What happens is you receive a call from a number you don’t know…generally an out-of-country number.  Your cell phone rings once or twice.  If you answer it, no one is there and if you don’t answer it, no voice mail is left.  If you see the number and are curious and call it back, the scam will charge up to $19 on your cell phone bill.  Because of scams like this, a general rule of thumb is to not answer your cell phone if it’s from an unknown, out-of-area/long distance area code.  If no voice message is left, do not call the number back.  This could apply to your work or personal cell phones.  

See the WCPO segment by John Matarese on the scam for more information: