Logan - Jul 12, 2013

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When first meeting Logan, it's easy to tell where his interests lie. 

He often wears his red, white and blue striped bow tie, flag pin and styles his hair in an Elvis pompadour.    

"He's always been interested in the presidents and America. He is very non-partisan, too. He loves them all," said his mom Rene.

Even his love of Elvis spawned from his interest in presidents. Logan was the recipient of a trip from the Make a Wish Foundation when he was eight years old. He wanted to meet the president, of course, but there was a three-year waiting list. So Logan and his parents did the next best thing- took a VIP tour of Washington DC.

"They drove us around in a limo and  had police escorts to all the monuments," said Logan. "Everyone thought we were famous."

One morning on the trip, Logan visited the National Archives for a private viewing and was immediately drawn to the famous picture of  Richard Nixon meeting Elvis. 

"He said, 'WHO IS THAT MAN WITH RICHARD MILHOUS NIXON?!'" Rene recalls. "He's been a fan ever since."

His favorite Elvis songs are the patriotic themed ones, An American Trilogy and America the Beautiful. "I even have an Elvis jumpsuit," said Logan.

Logan, who is a soon-to-be eleventh grader at Mariemont High School, has no official diagnosis for his disability and is treated symptomatically. He has profound hearing loss, an immune deficiency, and receives a blood infusion every week. He's been to the surgery department at Children's Hospital over 100 times. 

"We have had a lot of downs, but lots of ups too," said Rene. "It evens out."

He has a knack for meeting and befriending politicians and military personnel. He recently met County Commissioner Todd Portune, who quizzed him about presidential trivia, and has many signed pictures featuring him and a political figure shaking hands. He also recently became an honorary member of the Emerald Society of Cincinnati, an organization of police with Irish heritage.

In addition, Logan loves acting and is a member of Dramakinetics, an integrated arts and drama organization, and enjoys going to Visionaries and Voices to create art twice a month. He also does volunteer speaking engagements for Children's Hospital.

"We love to travel, learn about history and watch Elvis impersonators," said Rene, "Logan just wants to enjoy life!"

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