Accreditation a Success - May 2, 2013

Posted by: contentmanagementforhamil

   The Ohio Department of DD found no systemic citations and applauded the agency's person-centered approach during the recent re-accreditation survey of the agency. 
   The State reviews each county board to ensure the standards listed in the Ohio DD Code are being met. Based on results, boards are awarded accreditation for one to four years, with the option of applying for five. Hamilton County has been awarded a five year accreditation twice. 
    A full report of the agency's survey will be available in a few weeks, but here are some other comments from the surveyors: 
  • There is a great understanding among staff of evidence-based practices and staff have worked very hard at this. EI families are thrilled with their services, they couldn't say enough good.  
  • Kidd Adult Center demonstrated creative adaptations and inclusiveness, and creative ways to serve each person's individual needs.
  • It is evident that Service Facilitators go the extra mile here, especially in inclusiveness of persons served and resource-finding.
  •  There are a lot of creative things here! Above and beyond is a recurring theme!