Hamilton County DD Services operates two schools that support students with significant disabilities. Individualized instruction focuses on functional academics, communication and socialization skills, behavior support, and practical tasks for living and working in the community. 

Hamilton County DD Services schools currently have available enrollment slots. Students must be referred by their local public school districts. After a district refers a student, our principals review the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) and Evaluation Team Report (ETR). They then observe the student in his or her current educational environment to determine whether the local district or Hamilton County DD Services is the “least restrictive environment,” as defined by law. If it is determined that a student can be better supported in his or her local district, Hamilton County DD Services works with teachers and staff at the local district to empower them to better support that student.

Hamilton County DD Services schools are best suited to students with very significant support needs. If you believe our schools might be appropriate for your child, contact the student services manager or the special education director at your local school district.

For more information or to tour one of our schools, contact director of school programs Duerk Zinn, (513) 559-6962 or duerk.zinn@hamiltondds.org.

Click here for HCDDS schools' parent handbook. For information on contacting your school’s student services manager, click here.

Bobbie B. Fairfax School
4999 Kingsley Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227
(513) 271-2313
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Margaret B. Rost School
5858 Bridgetown Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45248
(513) 574-2372
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Local school districts

Many school-age children who do not attend our schools are supported by agency staff in collaboration with their local public schools. Public schools offer services for children with disabilities who do not qualify for services through HCDDS schools.

The Hamilton County DD Services Itinerant Support Team collaborates with school-based teams to support children with developmental disabilities and moderate to intensive needs in their community schools. Services include observations, special team meeting participation, strength-based curriculum recommendations, classroom organization and structural support, visual supports training, crisis prevention and management support and more.

To receive services, the student must be a resident of Hamilton County with a current Individualized Education Program (IEP) and Evaluation Team Report (ETR). Referral forms must be completed with consent from the child's guardian and support team.

For more information, contact staff psychologist Lauren Jones, (513) 559-4336 or lauren.jones@hamiltondds.org.