Oct 8, 2020

2020 Election

A woman with red hair stands next to an accessible voting machine
A man who uses a wheelchair sits in front of an accessible voting machine. He has headphones on and is looking at a screen
The 2020 election is important, and Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3. On a national level, voters will decide who is president and who represents Ohio in the U.S. House of Representatives. Voters will also elect state representatives and state senators to the Ohio Legislature. Locally we have many countywide positions up in the election, including Hamilton County commissioners, sheriff, and clerk of courts.

Early voting began Oct. 6, and you can request an absentee ballot until Oct. 31. Click here to request an absentee ballot. Find early voting hours on the Hamilton County Board of Elections website.

If you have a disability and need assistance voting in person, the Hamilton County Board of Elections has accessible voting machines. Last year, advocate Robert Shuemak filmed a video with the Board of Elections demonstrating the Access Writer machines, which you can watch below or on YouTube

"It is important for us, as voters with disabilities, to vote. With the advancement in the technology, those of us who want to vote in person have the opportunity to use the Access Writer to cast our vote," he said. "The Access Writer is fully accessible to people with disabilities. It can be used by moving a large wheel or using the touch screen, and there is a pair of headphones to use for privacy."

Poll workers will be essential to ensuring that we are able to vote safely and securely this November. You can sign up to be a poll worker in Hamilton County here. Advocate Diana Mairose has been a poll worker in past elections and shared her story with the National Disability Rights Network. 

Diana discusses how becoming a poll worker allowed her to become a more informed citizen and more familiar with the electoral process. "I became a poll worker so I could understand what other people with disabilities were going through on Election Day."

Click here to read the story and hear Diana discuss voting and issues important to her in a video. 

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