Mar 20, 2019

Smart Home open

Our regional Smart Home is now open. It highlights how technology, such as two-way talk devices, pressure mats and stove sensors, can alert staff who can support a person from a remote location. This innovative pairing of remote staff and technology helps to increase independence for people with developmental disabilities while also ensuring health and safety.

 “We wanted to develop a space that would offer individuals, professionals and community members an opportunity to have a hands-on experience with the technology available through the remote support service,” said Allison Leedy, a service and support administration supervisor for Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services (HCDDS).

“There is a limited number of direct support professionals, and I think technology plays a huge role in offering support to the individuals that we serve.”

The Smart Home has four living spaces – a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room – that highlights various technology available for people interested in remote support services and assistive technology.

The bedroom, for example, has a smoke detector that would flash and shakes the bed to alert someone they need to evacuate. The kitchen is equipped with a stove sensor that would automatically turn off burners if motion is not detected after a set amount of time.

“Fall detection pendants, motion sensors, smart locks, medication dispensers – there is a lot of different technology that lets people live more independently,” said Adam Shoemaker of Total Homecare Solutions.

The Smart Home is located at 412 S. East Street in Lebanon, the offices of the Southwestern Ohio Council of Governments, a project partner. Guided tours are open to the public and others who are interested in learning more about remote support services and assistive technology. Tours available from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesdays through June.

This project is a collaboration among HCDDS, Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Clermont County Board of DD, Total Homecare Solutions and Rest Assured, and was made possible thanks to generous support from The Ohio State University Nisonger Center.

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