Mar 11, 2019

Family Engagement Coordinator

We'd like to introduce you to Sean Bostic, our new Family Engagement Coordinator.

"I look forward to connecting with our families, learning from them, and better understanding their experiences and how we, as an agency, can best support them," he said. "I came to HCDDS to use the experience and resources I've garnered throughout the years so I can be an asset to our community."

In this role, Bostic will support innovative family-driven projects, trainings like the Future is Now, outreach to underserved communities, and engagement with families through critical times and life stages.

Bostic began in January, and his previous experience includes working at Hamilton County Job and Family Services and the Lindner Center for Hope.

"I want to let all families know that we are here to support them," he said. "We may not have all of the answers, but we can go on the journey with families."
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