Jul 29, 2018

From the Superintendent

It's the end of July, and summer is drawing to a close. As we prepare to begin the new school year and look forward to our work this fall, I wanted to provide a few updates.

First, I'm happy to share that we successfully completed the DODD review process and received our three-year accreditation! The reviewers were impressed with many of our innovative programs, as well as the high-quality work of our staff. This was a long and incredibly important process. I want to offer a special thanks to the team who worked so hard to prepare for accreditation and ensure a successful review. I also want to thank each of our employees, who focus on our mission and the people we support every day.

Second, earlier this summer Gov. John Kasich declared Ohio a Technology First state. The executive order ensures technology is considered as part of all service and support plans for people with DD. Many new technologies, including remote support, smartphone apps, and smart speakers, are making it possible for people to live more independently and participate in their communities. The goal of this new program is to make people aware of these options as they decide what supports best fit their lives.

Finally, this fall we'll begin implementing the new waiting list rule. As you may be aware, earlier this year the Ohio General Assembly passed legislation to overhaul the waiting list rule across the state to simplify the system and make it more useful to families. We're working to make sure families on the waiting list understand these changes by sharing communications and offering in-person events every Wednesday through the end of August. You can learn more about the events here and more about the waiting list changes at Fix The List.

These changes offer opportunities to improve services for the people and families we support. I'm looking forward to new possibilities this fall as we implement these changes and continue to work toward our vision of community integration for all people with developmental disabilities.



Alice C. Pavey

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