Oct 17, 2016

Know Your Voting Rights

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Know Your Rights This Election

By Diana Mairose, Advocacy Support Advisor

People with disabilities have a right to vote. Voting is a way your voice can be heard and can allow you to be independent while making choices that concern your life. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8. Here are some important tips and reminders:

  • You can vote if you are registered and at least 18 years old by Election Day.
  • If you have a guardian, you may still vote.
  • To vote in this November's election, you must be registered (Oct. 11 was the deadline for this election).
  • If you vote in person, you must have an ID or information with your name and current address listed, such as a bank statement, paycheck or utility bill.
  • If transportation is difficult, you may also vote at home using an absentee ballot. You can then mail your ballot back to the Board of Elections or drop it off in person. More information about absentee ballots is on the Board of Elections website or by calling 513-632-7039.
  • You may have someone to help you vote at the polls or at home.
  • Early voting began on Oct. 12. You can vote by mail or during set hours at the Board of Elections, 824 Broadway St. in downtown Cincinnati.

You may also contact me with questions by email or phone, (513) 559-6636. 


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