Nov 10, 2016

Turning a hobby into helping others

Jason Morency sitting surrounded by buckets, bags and piles of tabs

Jason Morency remembers how it all started. His grandpa, who worked for UPS, shared his hobby of collecting pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House.  "I decided to help and it blossomed," he said. "I collect them because it helps benefit the kids, who can't live normal lives."

Morency spends hours, sometimes days, collecting and separating tabs, filling up one bucket at a time. He's meticulous in his work - sorting aluminum from steel tabs and keeping them organized by color.

"I drop them off by the gallon - most of the time it's around 50 gallons at a time - and it takes close to 10 months to collect," he said.

Morency knows exactly how much he had on each trip to Ronald McDonald House and, as of July, has donated more than 6,375 pounds of tabs, or about $2,800 worth of tabs. Friends, relatives and local schools have all helped, and Morency said his hobby has helped him get to know the community. His mom, Sue, added that he will go door-to-door collecting tabs and knows many of his neighbors.

"I enjoy doing it - just seeing the smiles on the little kids' faces who are there is worth it," he said. "I have my grandpa to thank for all this."

When he's not collecting tabs, Morency also volunteers at the Anderson Ferry Food Pantry, where he's helped out for 10 years, and at Matthew 25 Ministries. He works at the dining hall at Xavier University and recently moved into his own condo, which has much more space to store his pop tab collection.
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