Feb 22, 2016

Your tax dollars at work

Four bubbles containing information about the $74 million local levy revenue. The first bubble says 76% of the agency's total annual budget comes from the tax levy. The second bubble says five-year Property Tax Levy last passed in may 2014 with 75% of the vote. The third bubble says Hamilton County voters have supported this levy since it began in 1974. The final bubble says $40 million of levy funds are used to access additional federal funds for Medicaid Waivers. The Hamilton County Developmental Disabilites services logo is at the top on a light yellow background.

Ever wonder how your tax dollars help people with developmental disabilities in Hamilton County? Our infographic and video help explain how Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services uses tax dollars to provide services and supports in the community.

Click here to download a PDF of the infographic or watch the video below.

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