Feb 5, 2016

Stakeholder Recommendations

The stakeholder workgroup launched last fall has presented its final recommendations to help Hamilton County DD Services position itself to meet federal and state mandates that require conflict-free service delivery by 2024. This group included 19 family members, two advocates, five providers, eight DD Services staff, and two community partners.

The top six recommendations to be implemented in the first-half of 2016 include:

1. Create a user-friendly and accurate data base (available in print and electronic formats) searchable by criteria of interest to families and Service and Support Administrators (e.g. behavior support, nursing services, and opportunities for community experiences) and defines the standard for listing each criteria.
2. Develop creative and effective ways for DD Services to offer consultation and supports (e.g. nursing, behavior support) so people served in adult centers can continue to get the same level of service and providers can serve those with intense support needs.
3. Create a Quality Council, inclusive of family members, that focuses on reviewing the results of surveys and provider quality reviews.
4. Strengthen and communicate the role of the Service and Support Administrator (SSA) as the point person to guide the process, particularly during times of transition.
5. Share information with families about changes that will be coming to all Medicaid funded day services so that families understand that provider programs may be changing in response to federal and state requirements.
6. Assist providers to navigate the services/ supports and rate add-ons in the Adult Day Array Funding Redesign to most effectively support people with intense support needs and advocate for any additional changes that may be needed to the funding structure.

Click here to see the final presentation or click here to read the recommendations and summary.

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