Jun 23, 2017

Impact of AHCA

A picture of the superintendent, Alice Pavey, with the words From the Superintendent with the Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities logo on a blue background.
The next few days are a critical time as the US Senate considers whether to pass the American Health Care Act (AHCA). We believe it's important for people to advocate for themselves and the issue they care about - and there's no better time than now to make your voice heard. Both the House and Senate versions of the AHCA would have devastating effects on people with developmental disabilities in our community.
There are many parts of this legislation that would hurt people, but I want to call attention to one aspect that would have a massive, negative impact on people with developmental disabilities: cuts and caps to Medicaid. The AHCA calls for per capita spending caps to federal Medicaid funding and incentivizes states to receive their Medicaid funding through even less generous block grants. Both caps and block grants are designed to drastically cut Medicaid spending.
Most services for people with DD in Ohio are funded through Medicaid waivers. In fact, Medicaid is what allows most people with DD, who would otherwise be isolated in institutions, to live in their communities with their families, neighbors, and friends. These deep Medicaid reductions would force Ohio to cut programs and services, serve fewer people, and/or enormously increase state and local funding.
It's essential that everyone who cares about this issue makes their voice heard by Sen. Rob Portman NOW - don't wait. Sen. Portman has not yet decided how he will vote on this, and opposition from just three Republican Senators is enough to prevent this bill from passing.
Although the Senate's health care bill was just revealed June 22, the full Senate is expected to vote before next Friday, June 30, with no debate, amendments, or committee hearings.  That means the next few days are absolutely critical.
Every single person who cares about this issue should be calling and emailing Sen. Portman's office multiple times per day as well as advocating to the senator on social media. Phone lines are often busy and voicemail boxes full, but keep trying and don't hesitate to contact Sen. Portman at multiple offices or in multiple ways. Contact Sen. Portman today and every day until they vote.
Tell the person answering the phone that you're a constituent calling to urge Senator Portman to vote no on the AHCA because cuts and caps to Medicaid would be devastating to people with developmental disabilities in Ohio. If you have a story of how Medicaid has helped you, don't be afraid to share that! Personal stories can have a huge impact. That's all it takes!
Here's how to contact Sen. Portman:
DC Office:
Cincinnati Office:
Columbus Office:
Cleveland Office:
Toledo Office:
Sarah Schmidt, Health Care Aide:
Social Media
Need more resources?
Below are a few links and tool that may help you get more involved in this advocacy effort.
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