Jul 13, 2016

New DD bills now law

A woman with disabilities helps Ohio Gov. John Kasich sign two important DD-related bills into law at St. Joseph Home in Sharonville.
One, House Bill 158, changes all references to the “R” word in state documents to, “person with an intellectual disability.” Diana Mairose, who has worked hard for many years to get this bill passed, had this to say about the momentous achievement: “Language is universal. We have to be consistent and have respect. It’s a word we need to stop using all together.”

The other, House Bill 483, relates to the mid-biennium review DD budget bill. It contains many key provisions including expansion of early intervention program for children under the age of 3 and direct nursing.

Read more about each bill and the signing ceremony in this article from The Cincinnati Enquirer.

(Photo by Erich Hiner for the Ohio Association of County Boards of DD)
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