Oct 21, 2016

Update on the RFQ process

A picture of the superintendent, Alice Pavey, with the words From the Superintendent with the Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities logo on a blue background.
I want to continue to update you on the ongoing process to select a provider who will operate the three adult centers in Hamilton County. Unfortunately, this process has taken longer than we hoped, and we are not yet able to announce the chosen provider.

As you know, three vendors submitted qualifications to operate the centers. Based on a thorough review process, we have selected one of the three vendors who best meets the needs of the people served, is aligned with what families want, and represents the best option for staff employed at each of the three adult centers. That vendor must now enter into negotiations with the county to lease or purchase the buildings and equipment.

The first step in this process was an appraisal of the buildings, which was completed at the end of last month. We expect that the commissioners will pass a resolution as early as next week authorizing the formal negotiating process with the provider to begin. Until those negotiations are completed, the county purchasing department has advised us not to announce the chosen provider. We do not know how long this process will take, but we will continue to provide you with information it become available.

We recognize that these changes are difficult on staff, individuals, and everyone involved and we’re doing all we can to make this transition as smooth as possible. To honor the time and commitment that our adult center employees have made to HCDDS, last month the board passed a resolution authorizing a retention package for any adult center employee subject to separation from county employment as a result of transitioning services to a private provider.

Matt Briner and Melissa Morelli, from the integrated services team, continue to meet weekly with staff at each of the three adult centers to provide updates and answer questions. If you have questions about the RFQ process, email AdultCenterQuestions@hamiltondds.org.

In everything we do, we continue our longstanding commitment to supporting opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to live, work, learn, and fully participate in their communities.
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