Autism Respite Program

Autism Respite Program

The Autism Respite Program is a service that provides away time for family caregivers of individuals of any age diagnosed with autism or a diagnosis under the Autism Spectrum Disorder, with the assurance that a qualified person is caring for the individual.


Southwestern Ohio Council of Governments (SWOCOG) has now assumed administration of the entire Autism Respite Program for the Hamilton County Board of DDS and we wanted to make you aware of a few changes/updates: 


  • Program Continuation:  After careful consideration, Hamilton County DDS will continue the Autism Respite Program through 2015.  
  • Receiving Provider Payment:  Providers must turn in payment voucher-billing sheets within 30 days of the date of service in order to guarantee payment.  Timely bill submission assists us with monitoring utilization of funds and projecting the program continuance.
  • Eligibility:  Individuals cannot use this program if they are receiving Supported Living, Individual Options, or Level One waiver services.
  • Service Limitations:  A family may use up to 8 hours per month of respite service from the list of qualified direct support staff.
  • Rate of Pay to Provider:  The Program pays: $12.50 per hour for one individual; $18.75 per hour for two individuals served simultaneously.
  • Items to note:  If you are sending in payment vouchers for services rendered, please be aware of the following:
    1. Payment Vouchers for the Autism Respite Program are to be sent to Kristi Black at SWOCOG.
    2. The form MUST be signed by both the provider of service and the family (for verification) or it will delay processing due to being sent back to provider.
    3. The form must reach our office within 30 days of service delivery to ensure payment.
    4. If you are sending in a voucher form via email or any other electronic means, please make sure it is legible and print is dark enough to read.
    5. If you send electronically, you will get a confirmation of receipt.
    6. Payments will be made within 15 days of receipt of the voucher at our office.
    7. SWOCOG Mailing address:  801 Drake Road, Lebanon, OH  45036
    8. You can obtain information and blank forms for the Autism Respite Program below



 New Contacts


  • Peggy Holsclaw, Operations Director with the Southwestern Ohio Council of Governments will be your contact for any issues surrounding your eligibility, family selected provider, provider training and forms.  Peggy’s contact info is:   Phone:  513.903.6985   Fax: 855.763.3050


  • Kristi Black, Director of Financial Services with the Southwestern Ohio Council of Governments will continue to be the contact for provider payments and questions regarding funding.   Kristi’s contact info is:   Phone: 513.808.8376   Fax: 855.763.3050



Forms Needed for Autism Respite