Hamilton County has an active advocacy community working on inclusion, accessibility, voting rights, housing and a variety of other issues. Many individuals and family members serve on boards or committees, and are active in efforts to make the community better. Advocates with developmental disabilities share their unique gifts, traits, opinions, contributions and needs with the community. 

Advocates Robert Shuemak and Diana MairoseHamilton County DD Services has two advocacy support advisers: Diana Mairose and Robert Shuemak. They are a resource to provide quality information, training, encouragement and additional tools so families and individuals can effectively advocate for themselves or others.

Advocacy also means self-determination, which encourages people to have a say in what they want in their lives. Our team works with individuals and families on planning the “life course” and focusing on interests and needs to live a full and inclusive life. 

Contact Diana Mairose, (513) 559-6636 or, or Robert Shuemak, (513) 559-6987 or, to learn more.