Annual Plan

Our Annual Plan features 10 goals and action steps that will enable us to boost operational efficiency, improve agency effectiveness, increase the level of satisfaction among individuals, and promote access to information, services, and the community.

2018 Annual Plan

2017 Annual Plan

Report to the Community

Click below to read the Hamilton County DD Services annual Report to the Community, which includes financial information, statistics about our services, stories and more. 

Report to the Community 2017

Report to the Community 2016

Report to the Community 2015

Report to the Community 2014

Strategic Plan

Hamilton County DD Services' strategic plan is a five-year plan (2014-2019) that guides our agency's vision. The four main focus areas are: promote employment first; work with community partners to support aging caregivers and people with disabilities; strengthen community partnerships to improve physical health and behavioral health; and manage resources fairly and wisely. Click here to download.

Informational postcards

These postcards, often handed out at community events or to partner agencies, include brief overviews of our various services. They include:

People First Style Guide

Our style guide, produced in partnership with Ohio Valley Goodwill, is a reference for media professionals and the public on how to use People First Language, which is an accurate and respectful way to refer to people with disabilities. It offers an alphabetical list of standard terms that focus on the person instead of the disability and strives for balance between clarity and sensitivity. It is not a complete list but a general representation of terms people with disabilities commonly find respectable. Click here to download.