This year marks the 50-year anniversary of Ohio’s county boards of developmental disabilities, including Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services. In 1967 the Ohio state legislature approved Senate Bill 169, establishing county boards of DD across the state.

Our rich history of supporting people with DD stretches back even further than our official designation as a county board. Decades before county boards of DD existed in Ohio, parents in Hamilton County came together to create opportunities for their children and build networks of support for people with DD in our community. Their advocacy work and the organizations they developed formed the bedrock of Hamilton County DD Services and the county board system across the entire state of Ohio.

We’re kicking off our 50th anniversary by joining with county boards of DD across the state for a week of service July 17-21. Details on activities and ways to get involved will be shared soon. We’ll also be participating in other anniversary activities this year with the Ohio Association of County Boards of DD (OACB). You can learn more about OACB’s activities here and see their great history project here.

Throughout the rest of 2017, we’ll be celebrating our long history as we remember our past and look forward to our future. Check back regularly for photos, stories, events, and more. If you have stories, photos, or anything else you’d like to share from our history, let us know by sending an email to Ryan Braun,

Although the ways we support people have changed over our history, our commitment to supporting people with developmental disabilities in Hamilton County will always remain.

Nancy and Joe and their 11 adopted children, 10 who have developmental disabilities.
Aug 31, 2017
Nancy and Joe, who have three biological children, adopted 11 children over the years, 10 who have developmental disabilities.
An adult blows bubbles with a baby who has developmental disabilities
Aug 10, 2017
From 1977, one year after we started the Early Intervention program. Last year, our EI team averaged 974 visits with families each month.
On the left a picture of advocate, Diana Mairose, standing behind a table of donations. On the right a picture of Sandra Jones and Sonja Marchant organizing tables of donations.
Jul 27, 2017
Employees at Hamilton County DD Services came together to donate much-needed items to local charities, as part of the Always There statewide Week of Service.
An old photograph of Dorothy Moss, who is standing behind her two sons, Leon and Marvin, who are sitting on a bench. The family dog, a collie, sits on the grass beside them.
Jul 20, 2017
Dorothy Moss, with her two sons Leon and Marvin, who both had developmental disabilities. Dorothy co-founded the Hamilton County Council for Retarded Children in 1947, a parent-led organization that created opportunities for their children and build networks of support for people with DD in our community.